2004 FORD DIESEL 6.0 AT PCM 4C3A-12A650-AVG 4C3Z-12A650-AVG 4U7A-BHA DPU-252

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2004 FORD DIESEL 6.0 AT PCM 4C3A-12A650-AVG, 4U7A-12A650-BHA, 4U7A-BHA4C3Z-12A650-AVG, 4C3A-AVG, 4C3Z-AVG, 4C3A-12A650-AVF, 4C3Z-12A650-AVF,

This is for an exchange service meaning we will provide a PCM unit that is built to order, Programmed and send to you.

You simply provide PART NUMBER and Complete VIN and we will program it in advance.

If we do not receive all the programming data we can not ship it pre-programmed. So be sure to provide all the information as soon as the order is made. Please contact us in advance of any purchase if you have any questions.

All ECM Diagnostics/ECM Removal/ECM Installation must be made by an Authorized Certified Repair Technician for your manufactured vehicle. Our warranty is 1 year unlimited mileage limited to Repair of our Unit, Replacement or Credit. Shipping fees and some programming and processing fees may not be refundable.

Any and All Problems with the vehicle must be repaired and resolved before re-installation. We are not responsible for damage to our product due to improper installation or existing issues unresolved that damage the ECM Engine Computer. Be sure Charging system is Good.

ECM TO GO has been on line and supplying Dealerships, Repair Shops and Do it yourselfers since 1997. If you have any questions, please email or call.