1991-94 Mitsubishi 3000GT Dodge Stealth TCM transmission Computer Repair Service

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1991-94 Mitsubishi 3000GT Dodge Stealth TCM transmission Computer Repair Service

Part Numbers: MD740087

This item is a REPAIR SERVICE of your defective TCM Transmission Control Computer Module for 1990-94 DSM MITSUBISHI TCM aka Transmission Control Module Computer. This repair listing includes Dodge Stealth and Mitsubishi 3000GT 3.0 liter automatic transmission. Call or email if you have any questions before you purchase.

The purchase of this item of our REPAIR SERVICE requires you to remove the TCM or ECM Computer and send it to us for our circuit board/component level repair. This is for repair of internal component failure that has rendered the ECM/TCM unable to function. This is common for the TCU or TCM computers to fail after years of use. The computers have components that can't handle the heat and fail over time. They are also often damaged by shorts in harnesses or a failed charging system. The vehicle will often intermittently or full time be in FAIL SAFE or LIMP MODE which means you will have 3rd gear forward only and reverse gear only. We will repair the TCM within 24-72 hours (1-3 business days) of our receiving the unit (typically) and completion of verification testing.

Please send a copy of your REPAIR SEND FORM with the PCM and list the diagnostics and issues with the vehicle. Be sure to let us know if there is communication YES or NO. If the computer has com what codes are stored if any. Indicate if the vehicle has hard or no start condition.

We have been specializing in ECM PCM repairs on line ECMtoGo.com since 1997. When we repair the original ECM /PCM it comes back with no programming required and includes our same 1 year warranty we provide our dealerships and service centers since 1997.